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Selling through our system

If you use our sales pages to collect payments for your course you only get charged when you make a sale.

Our rate is based on yours to ensure at any rate you make money.

5% + $10/user
20% total
whichever is less.

Includes: All Credit Card Processing Fees, Custom Sales Pages, Discount Code Creation, Affiliate Management System

Monthly plans for private usage

When you need to host classes and store content hidden from the public, monthly plans are a great option. You can create as many private classrooms as your heart desires -- adding and subtracting users as you please.

We'll simply charge you for the number of users in your system at the beginning of each month.

Total Users Monthly Cost per User
less than 25 $15
25 - 100 $10
101-500 $8
501-1000 $6
1000+ Get In Touch

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