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Content that is easy to create and even easier on the eyes

Our research shows that users prefer to learn by reading articles and step-by-step tutorials over anything else.

To support this, our in-line content builder makes it incredibly easy to create and edit your material. Add photos, videos, supplemental documents, and more to make it that much better.

Discussion that is truly engaging

With the entire discussion board on one page, your students will never miss a question or comment.

You will be amazed at the level of engagement you will have with each student and we will give you the analytics to prove it.

Allow your brand to shine through

What you teach and how you teach it directly reflects the quality of your brand. We think your choice in platform should enhance you not detract.

Use a personalized URL and customize our clean templates to match the brand you've worked so hard to build.

Sell. Sell. Sell.

Turn your potential customers into paying clients by pushing them into your unique, branded sales page.

Drive more revenue by developing affiliate relationships promoting your class. Easily create custom discount codes and track their usage to track repeat customers and help determine which connections are serving you best.

Committed to improvement

We want CourseBeyond to be a powerful tool for you and your business.
We contually refine features and add functionality to make your life better.

  • Detailed analytics on your students' engagement level
  • Easy management of affiliates and discount codes
  • Classroom announcements to keep students coming back
  • Custom built quizzes and questionnaires

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