Holiday Disaster Prevention Program - November

Presented by Prescribe Nutrition

Nov 4th, 2013 - Nov 10th, 2013

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The Holidays - Let’s tackle them together.

 The Holidays...they’re upon us.

You ready for these guys? The parties, the friends, the presents, the fancy cocktails, the cheese platters, the tubs of chocolate, the office popcorn…freaked out yet? 

Every year they sneak up and every year the fall from the nutrition wagon seems just a bit harder. Do these annual self proclamations ring a bell? 

  • “I will NOT ring in the New Year 5 or 10 pounds heavier…”
  • “I'm going to double down on exercise” 
  • I will NOT go to a holiday party starving... and then face dive into the cheese platter.” 

Do these post holiday realities ring a bell? 

  • The scale somehow says 7 pounds more than it did 6 weeks ago.
  • I showed up at every event famished, and had a mini cheese eating contest with myself. 
  • Exercise?  That’s funny. 
Weren’t ready were you? Well, this year is going to be different. 

Prescribe Nutrition has got you covered. We are rolling out the Holiday Disaster Prevention Program.  Our mission? Prevent total disasters before they start. We’re going to show you how to look and feel your absolute best in the quickest time possible - during the time of year when you’re bound to see everyone. We are taking the holidays and making them fun and healthy. Fun and healthy? Yes. We mean it.  

Listen - we like a hot toddy and cookie exchange as much as the next gal. This program is not about taking out the fun that comes with the holidays. That would be boring.  We’re not boring. 

 What is this program about? 

    • It’s about how to eat smart at a cocktail party. 
    • It’s about looking smoking hot at a cocktail party. 
    • It’s to show you how to feel amazing in 7 days - without subsisting off of juice. 
    • It’s how to dodge the hangovers.
    • It’s proof that you can survive the holidays - and still have your pants fit. 

    WHY ON EARTH would you do a nutrition program pre-holidays, you ask? So you don’t totally blow all your hard work, silly. We want you to enjoy the holidays and not beat yourself up after. 

    What's the game plan you ask? 

    • 7 days of constant support from our team - Megan, Katie and Anna - where we will all hold each other accountable. 
    • A beautiful recipe packet filled with meals, snacks and beverages that will shock you they’re so good.  
    • Guidance for becoming a lean machine, all while eating real food. No hungry people at PN. 
    • We’re talking about the smartest tips for dropping some pesky pounds, quickly.
    • You will return to this info again and again, we promise you that. Real life tools to help you with everything from: how to arm yourself for holiday gatherings and parties, how to avoid the morning after headaches, to how to look your best (yes, teeth whitening tricks, fashion yays and nays, and keeping your lipstick on ladies!) 
    • Going on the road?  We're gonna support you there too! 
    • At home strength training videos courtesy of our fitness expert - Molly Doyle! 
    • And, of course, we love a surprise so you're sure to get a few of those! 

    We're running programs in November and December, both pre-holiday craziness. Same great programs, support and accountability but each with their own recipe packet! Join us for one OR both.  Best part?  You can use these on your own when the holidays have come and gone.

    I'm just going to say it - the ladies of PN rock! I've done all three of their programs and I'm first in line for the holiday program. It feels like you are in the same room with them the entire time. The are smart, real and funny. Really funny.

    - Debbie

    Prescribe Nutrition is undoubtedly the very BEST nutritional guidance you can ever give to yourself! Well worth the time, effort and cash!! It has changed me and my family forever! If you are on the fence about ANY of these ladies programs, jump on over to the other side and enjoy a healthier, happier life!!! Thank you ladies for sharing your knowledge and recipes:)

    - (A dedicated get balanced graduate) - Jillian

    As a physician I'm constantly seeing the affects that poor nutrition has on individuals. The gift of knowledge that PN offers their participants is beyond any I could replicate in a day. I'm constantly referring to Prescribe Nutrition. We've got to do this together!

    - Amy

    I have always described myself as a "low energy person," even with what I thought was healthy eating habits and exercise. I didn't sleep well, and almost every morning after taking the kids to school I couldn't wait to hop back into bed. Now I sleep well and after I get the kids to school, I can't wait to start my day! I finally feel "normal" and can breathe so much easier too. No more tight chest and feeling like I never get a full breath. I will definitely pay attention as I reintroduce foods because I do NOT want to go back!

    - Jen

    Your Instructors

    About Megan

    Megan is a functional nutritionist and owner of The Root of Health. She specializes in digestive health and food sensitivities...two pesky topics becoming more and more common. Megan’s ultimate goal is to help people listen to what their bodies are telling them, and guide them on the most streamlined steps to take for long-term change. She educates her clients on the integral role food plays in their health, but works above and beyond food, utilizing therapeutic supplements and lifestyle techniques in her approach. She loves a good laugh, dogs, foggy beaches, Weekend at Bernies, chia seeds, hotel robes and a well operating digestive system.

    About Katie

    Katie is a functional nutritionist and owner of Katie Jasper Health. Katie practices an integrative and individualized approach to health and wellness with her clients. Focusing her client’s imbalances as the root – getting to the bottom of it all! Katie specializes in hormone and brain health and is passionate about how nutrition can ultimately support the body on so many levels. She loves everything from a great green smoothie to an episode of Homeland… would travel all the time if she could and, of course, loves when the hormone symphony is top tune.

    About Anna

    Nutrition went from being nearly off Anna’s radar, to one of her passionate pursuits almost overnight. Most people have a great reason for paramount changes in their lives, and hers was motherhood. It started with a premature baby who showed signs of food allergies early, and the rest is history. Her desire to raise healthy children (she had another baby less than a year later) quickly expanded to raising a healthy family, and she has never felt better and never looked back. Anna still has plenty to learn and looks forward to integrating Prescribe Nutrition into her home and onto her dinner table! When Anna isn’t toting her girls around town, she is practicing yoga at The Barn or dreaming up future business plans--she is a closet entrepreneurial daydreamer.

    A Course by Prescribe Nutrition

    Prescribe Nutrition was a serendipitous collaboration between us – Katie Jasper and Megan Morris- we are two nutritionists who each had their own journey to better health. We know first hand what the diet roller coaster, chronic health problems, and the confusing world of nutrition can look like. Our advice? Get off the roller coaster. Give your body a break. Clear out the clutter and let whole foods do their magic.

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