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Oct 28th, 2013 - Nov 10th, 2013

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Simple strategies for connecting with your kids.

Registration is now closed, but you can get on the waiting list for the next time the course is offered by clicking here!

Everyday Connections  gives you simple tools that work to build connection with your kids in the midst of an often chaotic world.These tools may be simple but they are life changing - Bringing about cooperation, connection and a reduction of stress in your home

Stop feeling guilty, stop worrying about missing their childhood and learn sustainable ways to:

    • Get to know each of your children as individuals
    • Build trust during your conversations
    • Connect and enjoy your children even when life gets busy

    About This Course

    Everyday Connections is an online course that will help you start connection habits for busy days.  In it you will learn simple habits that weave connection and closeness with your children into the day-to-day routine of family life. The course is takes place in a unique online learning environment, where you can download materials, participate in discussions and ask questions no matter what time of day you log on.

    You’ll learn about 10 Minute Connections – and how to find one-on-one connection in unexpected pockets of time. Learn from a mom of 3 and a mom of 4 how to connect one-on-one when you have multiple kids.  Believe us, we understand the difficulty!

    What's included

    • Learn our strategies with the Everyday Connections Course eBook guiding you through simple ways to bring trust, connection and cooperation to your family, even when days are busy and life is chaotic.
    • See results right away with our simple, doable tasks that will help you implement our strategies in your home.
    • Keep kids sharing and developing a deeper sense of trust in you with our series of conversation starters and tips. 
      • Ask your question anytime, Alissa and Lorien will help you problem solve for your particular situation through our simple-to-use discussion board.
      • Learn from your peers in our private community discussion board where you can brainstorm solutions with other parents, ask questions, share your success and get personalized advice. No matter what’s got you stuck, we are here to get you rolling again.

      Who should take this course?

      This is a good course for you if you want to develop a strong relationship with your kids and you’re ready to make a commitment to small, but important actions that will make that happen.

      If you are a parent of more than one kid you will enjoy the support in figuring out how to meet the connection needs of multiple children.

      If you are a parent of an only child the section on siblings may not apply to you, but you will find plenty of information on making your one-on-one time special, listening deeply to your child and help for developing your family’s list of favorite connection activities.

      This has been a really great course and I am sad to see it end. I wish it was longer... And I mean that!! I have learned some very valuable information that will help me to be a better Mom and that is priceless. Our short bursts of connection time have been amazing... In the last two days we have been referring to these moments as Connection Time!! Let's Connect!! That was Faith's idea!! The bottom line is just being fully present and living in the now with my girls...my priority is simply letting go of all the TO DO's and the WHAT IF's in my mind. Thank you, Alissa and Lorien, for the great work and for making a difference in the world. And thank you to all of the amazing moms around the world that took part in this. We all rock!! XOXO

      - Catherine Graham, Mother of two

      I have found that simple things like spending 10 minutes one-on-one let me build a stronger bond with each of my kids and I’m surprised that just small amounts of focused time are making a huge difference in how I feel as a mom and definitely in how my kids feel – they seem more settled and happy.

      - Alissa Marquess, Mom to three and Instructor of Everyday Connections

      I was amazed at how this connection time is centering all of us; I feel so much less guilty when I can’t do something or have to ask someone to wait, and my kids seem reassured that they are going to get time with me even if its not right now. Sure I am still looking at the clock late in the afternoon and realizing we need to eat lunch before its dinner time but I think we are all feeling a little more like we are in this together.

      - Lorien Van Ness, Mother of Four and co-instructor of Everyday Connections

      What I have learned in the years of my parenting—at this moment I have been doing it for 32 years and two months—is that the lasting, enduring, influential lessons we can pass on to our children come out of the times when we are completely connected in the moment.

      - Source: BonnieHarris.com

      Your Instructors

      Meet Alissa

      Alissa Marquess is a mom to three kids ages 8, 6 and 3. She writes Creative With Kids where she shares simple activities and parenting solutions to help families connect and enjoy childhood.

      Meet Lorien

      Lorien Van Ness is a mom to four kids ages 10, 8, 6 and 2 months. She has worked in a variety of enrichment settings with children from birth through adolescence. She enjoys working with families to create meaningful experiences that foster strong relationships.

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