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The beauty of a classroom, the power of the internet

Teaching online should be an advancement, not a hinderance. CourseBeyond strives to bring out the best of a live classroom (the ability to ask a question, share an experience, learn from our peers as well as the instructors) while utilizing the power of the internet (sharing media, downloading files, and 24/7 access).

s Personalized Branding

Customize your site to match your brand both inside and out. Put the icing on the cake and use a custom URL. We want you to be the star of the show. We prefer to stay behind the scenes.

v Simple Management

Manage mutliple courses and institutions with one login. Quickly add admin and students, upload files, or respond to a question. We help you keep your flow going.

$ Risk-free Pricing

Our pricing model is pay-as-you-go. We charge per student enrolled, meaning there is no charge to you until your class makes money. We believe in building partnerships and succeeding when you succeed.

Take your knowledge and turn it into a learning

In the business of teaching online only two things matter in your choice in software.
1.) The quality of the learning experience for your students.
2.) The capabilities to make you a better teacher and business owner.

Fusing webinars and self-guided classes

Your target audience wants access to YOU - the expert, but their busy schedules make it too hard to attend a noontime webinar or teleconference.

They want a course they can take after they put the kids to bed, without compromising the value of real human interaction.

With our system you can offer your audience the best of both worlds.

Cater a learning experience

We want to empower you to be the maestro of your classroom.

Piece together your articles, videos, documents, and photos to teach the lessons that create your course. Push your students back to the discussion board to share what’s making sense and what's not as they digest the content in their real life experiences.

Your job is to fill in the gaps that would be otherwise left in a self-guided course, push people to ask their own questions, learn from each other, and feed a desire to learn more.

Education is a sustainable business.

Learning is a positive addiction, which is why we made it our mission to give teachers like you all the tools you need to foster great online learning experiences again and again, and make money while doing it. We want to help you grow.

Our system makes it nearly effortless to reproduce another round of a class and up-sell a next level course to keep your audience captive and improve your bottom line.

You teach. We tech.

Enjoy risk-free pricing

No setup costs, cancellation fees
or long-term contracts.

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